Friday, January 23, 2015

Feedback needed.


I'm back to working on my comic, 
 Last October I began experiencing pain do to sciatica problems and had to focused on getting therapy, and avoiding sitting as long as possible.

During that time I thought a lot about my project and how I'd like to add visual interest to the pages  by inserting the pages into a background with text similar to old mediaeval manuscripts, to make the story more magical fairytale like.

This is where I need your feedback.

So now I'm testing out this new format, and I sure could use everyone's opinion.  (Don't worry about the text, they're just nonsense words for now  )

Each pages background would be unique and I like the idea of a of the "ink" look used for the text, but:   
1.)  Does the image work with this page style?  
      what would make it better?

2.)  In your opinion, do you think that a bit of colors should be added to the first letter of the paragraph like in some medieval manuscript?  

3.)  What about small illustrated details on that first letter, does it add or distract?

Should they be related to the illustration?

I imagine posting 2 pages at a time to make it look like an open book.

I'd love to hear from you, any suggestions are very welcome.