Wednesday, September 24, 2014

making page 21 of webcomic The Queen Of Knots


Page 21 from my webcomic The Queen of Knots
Time to practice is now

It's been a while since I posted on this blog,  but I'm resolved to post more often.  

This comic, The Queen Of Knots is my passion project, and as I have stated on earlyer post, my very first comic, so I'm learning as I go. 
I started drawing the first pages in late April and tryed posting a page a week since June on but at times I fall behind. 

As I've said, it's a learning experience, so perhaps sharing this page's process will encourage others to start there own comic, so here we go:

For this page I wanted to show the strong contrast between Emma's  fun-loving brothers and her bad mood stemmed from a nightmare in which they a had a part in it.

 So in this is my first layout attempt: I placed Emma squarely  in the middle to show her displeasure.  Also, I use either 3D models from DAZ or fro Manga  as pose references.

For my illustrations I transferred a simple drawing to my ASKetch app and added the textures, shade, and using sketchy lines for the style I'm looking for.

Here I'm still working on the layout.  There are 4-5 individual layers that I could move around until I was satisfied with the layout.  Later I also added background, placing it under my drawing layers.

For backgrounds, I'll use my own photos that I manipulate on photoshop or combining drawings with them such as on page16,  or just draw my background as on page 17 or 5

In my final layout, I decided reduce Emma's importance by placing her to the left, as if she felt outnumbered, and giving the viewer a sense of her self-imposed isolation.  
I also tried contrasting colors: high key playful colors against low key moody colors, to depict the characters state of mind.

Hope this post has inspired you to start your passion project. If you have any questions about this process don't hesitate to ask me.   Remember, we're learning together.  :-)