Friday, August 1, 2014

character sketches

I just added 2 more pages to my comic The Queen of Knots, and now I'm nearing the end of the second chapter.  In the next chapter I'll be introducing Emma's brothers and other members of her clutch, as well as pets and humans.  The pressure is on.  I have to decide once and for all how I really want my next characters to look like; their characteristics, shape of their head and hair so that it will be easy to recognize them by simple shapes.

The first two chapter of the comic I've introduces, Emma, the protagonist.  It begins by establishing her fears, her wants and her concern, and give visual clues as to what type of surrounding Emma favors.
Emma 10 is a very driven knotty who won last year's knotting competition.  Now she feels entitled to keep the coveted crown, and will stop at nothing

 Now, for the new characters

the next two characters are of Jack and Mickey LeBrie, Emma's Younger brothers

Jack 9 is a happy-go-lucky kind of kid, an 'act now, think later' type.  He also thinks that he's Mickey's protector.

Mickey 8 is the quiet, more conscientious one.  He's the voice of reason between the two. 

These next two characters are the twins, Scotty and sophie Savage.
these outdoor knotties make a formidable team, and in this story, they're Emma's perceived menaces.  They love to romp in the country, chasing lizards as large as themselves, and playing tricks on bugs.

Scotty 10 sees life as black and white,  He has a surety about himself, and could be seen as cruel at time.
He's unaware how irritating he is to Emma.

Sophie 10 is a gentler version of Scotty.
She's extremely close to her brother, but is also is (on and off) Emma's best friend.

If you have a chance to read The Queen Of Knots, please let me know what you think.  This comic is written for children, but hopefully adults will enjoy it as well.