Thursday, June 5, 2014

Working on my first webcomic, The Queen of Knots

Hi Everyone, I'm super exited to announce the birth of my first webcomic:
THE QUEEN OF KNOTS     posted on Comic Fury

"Announce" may be a big word just to introduce a webcomic, after all, new comics are birthed everyday on the web.  But this one is my baby, and like a baby, it literarily consumes most of my time.   Since I'm new at this, I'm constantly reworking the panels, and after a few false starts, I finally feel a bit more confident to begin posting the pages.

Please take a look, Your opinions and suggestions are most welcome.

here are my first pages:

This comic is written for children. 

The Queen of Knots
During the last competition, 10-year-old Emma, one of the most competitive knotties of her clutch, earned the title of Queen of Knots. With this title she received the privilege of keeping the coveted Knottie’s crown. That is until, the next competition which is fast approaching. As the big day nears Emma wakes from a disturbing nightmare. Visions of her crown slipping from her grasps devour her sleep. Fears that her dream represents an ominous foreshadowing overcome her. Now, more than ever, Emma is fixated on keeping HER crown. Her obsession consumes her. She dedicates her time to perfecting her skills and studying her competition, but will this be enough? To what length is she willing to go, to ensure that the crown stays with her?

Ten things you should know about knotties

·      Knotties are 6” pint size children of knotters. 
·      They are invisible to humans and animals alike. Only their are visible but are easily mistaken as dust-bunnies by humans.
.    Knotties are are just like human children: fun, sometime sad, very creative, play all the time, up to somthing, and sometimes just down-right naughty.
·      Knotties have a passion for knotting children's hair or house pets’ fur.
·      Every humans have knotties living unsuspected under their own roof.  (That means yours too, sorry…)
·      As part of their education, knotties are farmed out at age 6-10 to live with humans and their house pets, so that they may learn knotting skills on sleeping children’s hair, and form close bonds of friendship with house pets.  Learning these skills are very important, as they are peparing to enter into the world of knotters
·      Knotties greatest threats are the humans adults. Because humans have an aversion to anything they can’t see clearly, or sneak around like little mice.  Therefore, knotties are to avoid being detected by them. 
·      To make sure of this, knoties hides in plain view by wearing clothes woven from spider silk that can easily blend anywhere.  These clothes are uniforms of sorts.  Even though knoties, like their elders, love trinkets, it is strictly forbidden for them to wear any embellishments while living with humans.
·      Knotties regularly meet in small clutches of about eight.  Two elders known as Grampknots and Gramknots are responsible for each knotties of their clutches.  

·      By the age of 10 1/2, knotties rejoin their parents to live either in nature or urban settings where wild animals have made their homes.  They work along side by side of their parents, learning to repair animals or bird's nests, or watching the  animal’s young’s during their absence. Gradually knotties will become knotters just like their parents.