Saturday, November 2, 2013

Ferret Madonna, revisited

I have been avoiding getting back to this picture to add fur texture to my characters, which was part of the last stage of this assignment.  I finally took on the challenge, and while I was at it, also worked on the necklace and the the colors 

Here were my processes: 
1. Made my own ferret fur brush (see bellow)
2. Defined her nose and lips using "overlay" layer, and using the doge and the burn tool.
3. Fixed her beads with a " normal" layer and added a "overlay" layer to make them pop
4. Desaturated and warmed up the green on the left sleeve.
5. Warmed up the painting with 2 "overlay" layers of pink, one for the background, the other for the characters.  

this was the original painting that I worked with.

a ferret fur reference 

Here are the steps for how I made may fur brush:
1.  Find a reference, and turn it in B+W in photoshop.
2.  Clicked on the brush icon.
3. On Edit, Clicked on "brush Icon" and gave it a name.
4.  when I moved my stylus, I could see that my brush was ready to be used

5. here is are 2 brush stokes with my new brush.
the first one is just a click of the brush
In the second one, I made a quick outline, selected and filled it with a click of my brush and added eyes.  :)