Tuesday, June 4, 2013


An online fellow student, from the Oatley Academy, suggested that I rethink my light source in this illustration, because the light seems to come from a flashlight, which tends to flatten the face. 

He had an excellent point, so this is my attempt in correcting the illustration.  At his suggestion, I redirected the light source.  I made it come from the upper middle left side of the "room", and gradually shaded the rest of the face toward the pillow.

Re-do of the image above

In the second set of pictures, I wanted to add a green layer from the re-do but still keep a little bit of pink, and increased the source of shadows in each frames

 Shadow  board

Same pictures as the shadow board,  but this time I desaturated the colors a bit, and upped the contrast.

Slightly de-saturated colors  board

My favorite is #2 from the De-saturated colors board, because the colors and shading seem to be more balanced.

I'd love to get your input on these color compositions, and how I can improve.