Thursday, May 30, 2013

Introducing my SKETCHBOOK


I started writing two stories (chapter book) base on my little characters that I call  Knotties, a play on word with "naughty", which they can be.  Neither stories are completed, but summer is coming, and I   intend to at least finish the first draft to the story of Emma, Queen of Knots , and of course, I'm looking forward to illustrate each chapters.
 In this Sketchbook section I have included some of my Knotties illustration ideas.

Emma LeBrie, the eldest sibling

Jack LeBrie brother to Emma and Mickey

mickey LeBrie, the youngest sibling.

This last picture gives an idea of the scale of the knotties.
Knotties are pint-size children invisible to humans and animals. Only animals with their keen sens of hearing are aware and are fond of their presence.