Thursday, May 23, 2013

Four Color Composition

The Magic Box  is an on-line class that I sighed up for though Oatley Academy

Homework Assignment # 1: Color Comp,  second try

The more I work with this illustration, the more I learn.
The top left illustration was my first try at color composition.
The bottom right is my second try.  I wanted my subject to become more of a silhouette, and for the bow to be an anchor to the composition, but in the attempt of darkening the figure, the clothing became flat.  I also spend  more time in painting the rocks and chose to leave the hands alone because they were so small; probably a mistake, I should have had dealt with them during the drawing stage.  I Also I wish that I had being more careful to  keep the depth of the cave, while using the orange layer
There are very little differences between the bottom two pictures, On, bottom right one, the sun almost pierces through the mist, the rocks are not as highlighted, and the blanket has less blue at the tip.
I'm definitely learning new skills, and the importance of being patient.
What I do like about the two bottom illustrations is that the face is framed by the two triangular shapes of the bow and the rock.
My favorite is probably the bottom right one.