Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Atmospheric Light

The Magic Box  is an on-line class that I sighed up for though Oatley Academy

Homework Assignment # 1: Color Comp

Hi everyone, this is my first assignment and it was a great learning experience for me. In fact, I believe that I will make a few more of these exercise for the rest of the month to get the hang of it, as I especially need to learn to work with the brushes, well, everything really.

The Call

In these two inspiration images, I was drawn to the cool and warm colors, especially as the light of the sunset bounced inside the interior wall and furniture.

Here I was drawn to the defused glow, and even though  it was taken during sunset, it actually reminds me of   sunrise.
My subject

adding a background
I chose a teal for my background layer, because I knew that I wanted to illustrate a cold day, while still adding an opposite warm color such as orange.

My first try...

reworked my first layer adding textures to clothing and rock and painted the face.
I added this layer to the first color comp as multiply in the blending mode (25%)

The final illustration.  I think that I can live with this one, I like the edges and the contrast better, and it still have defused lights.