Thursday, February 28, 2013


Illustration Friday

This week word is WHISPER

When I thought of the word WHISPER, what came to mind was of hearing random conversations spoken in public, that all of a sudden turn into whispers.

I began by drawing two characters,  in a beauty salon,   and then combined them, each in their own layers.  Originally the one with the dark hair was going to be in the foreground, but changed my mind, because I felt that the eyes should meet in the middle of the page, to give a sense of communication

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Flight Delays

This a sketch done last week,on my IPad , during a three hour wait between flights from Texas to Arizona.
My flight was not delayed, but others were not as fortunate.  I didn't set out to draw an annoyed person, but as I started doodling, I quickly saw the face emerge, and had fun with it.  

Digitally painting the sketch, was especially fun.  I want to show the 5 O'lock shadow, his annoyance as his ears were getting redder and redder, and the feeling of "getting hot under the collar" 

Flight Delays

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wool Sweater

Illustration Friday



Everybody hates itchy sweaters, even if your grandma knit it.
That's was the thought that came to mind when I read the word WOOL for this weak's Illustration Friday.

Have you ever felt this way?

I remember, once buying a beautiful little black angora sweater at an estate sale; but when I put it on, I could not stand how much it itched.  That's when I realized that I was allergic to angora and ended up having to take antihistamine.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Playing with Layers

Last night I couldn't go to sleep, so I began a random sketch of a women with a hat on my IPad. 

I imported the sketch into ArtStudio app, and began painting it in B+W. I then began painting the sketch in color on a  new transparent layer.
  I also added four more layers, white,  red, yellow, and blue, so  in all I was working with six individual layers
. Lastly, I scrolled through the blending mode, focusing on one particular layer or an other to get a verity of moods for the same painting.  
To me, each of the Monique illustrations suggest the possibility of a different scenario in some kind of story.  

Monique 1
digital sketch

Monique 2
digital illustration

Monique 3
digital illustration

Monique 4
digital illustration

Monique 5
digital illustration

Monique 6
digital illustration

Monique 7
digital illustration

Monique 8
digital illustration

Monique 9
digital illustration

Monique 10
digital illustrati
Monique 11
digital illustration

I'd love to found out which Monique is or are your favorites, and what role, do you imagine her to play?

Here are my choices:
Actually, I have two favorites:      #3  Monique, the Transcontinental Traveler.
                                                # 11 Monique, the Missionary
A close second is                      # 2   Monique in Love

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Braving the Storm

Illustration Friday


Marshal Braving the storm
Digital illustrationt

On Illustration Friday, this week's word is Storm.  I'm away from home, visiting family in Arkansas at this time, and could not use my usual art software.  This illustration began as doodling of a rat done on my iPhone  and the background was digitally painted on an Ipad.  I didn't want to give the rat a sleek finish, but rather left him scruffy to go with his personality.
As you can see, our little guy still needs a name.  I have one in mind: Marshal.  I always like that name, it's unusual and in this case has a little tone of irony.  However, I' open to suggestions.  Please help me name this little fellow before I make him official  in my art file.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Cat on wheels

Illustration Friday


Cat on Wheels
I found week's topic challenging until I reviewed some of my sketches, and decided to rework one of my recent animal sketches by coloring it in Painter, and then modifying it through Photoshop.  Next I worked on a picture of old yellow tractor wheels, part of a collection of wheels my husband collects, and  manipulated that picture as well.  I then joined both pictures into one, manipulating it, through Photoshop, until I got the result that I was looking for: a combination of  cat's mysterious night life. and an old gold watch.