Sunday, December 8, 2013

Perspective Analysis Sketches - Lesson #5

study of a room

This time at the Chris Oatley Magic box class, we're reviewing or learning perspective the easy and fun way.

1. Pick a shot  from a movie or a game that is an emersion shot and has drama, an architectural/industrial look to it, with clear storytelling.

I found this picture is from a video by  Walter Arnold           

The Mason's Castle - Ghost of the American Renaissance

and  a still shot of the room at this site:  The Art of Abandonment  Also from Walter Arnold

2.  Analysis Sketch
Find different points of perspective
Think in 2d terms
Find diagonal lines relative to different point of perspectives.
Find the horizon line

3. Intellectualise
after re-working the analysis sketch I was surprise to see how the all red lines met dead center like a bull-eye in the middle of the picture, but I 'm not sure if it's called a 1 point perspective or a three point perspective because the lines came from the top and bottom as well as the sides.

I believe that the green lines also form a 3 point perspective.

I was baffled by the  angles in the door panels, the blue lines.  I thought that they would all have met into a one point perspective.  But the door actually has 3 different one point perspective.   Was it because the door is old and warped, or is it an optical illusion from the camera lens, or is this normal, and my assumptions of the line having to meet all to one point is false?
Actually, as the door faces us, we can see its edge, so we are probably seeing this door in a two point perspective...

Not sure about the horizon line either.

One all these questions will be answered, I'll post the correct answers.

Part of the homework?  I'm not sure if this is part the homework.  Nevertheless, I started with a quick sketch to see if this is something that I wanted to work with.  I actually enjoyed trying to capture the angles.  I was drawn to the intriguing space and the beauty and grace of the decaying and abandoned room.
 I'm not sure if this shot is emerging enough.  It could be if I trimmed the picture to where the the door would open pass the viewer.  But hopefully this room makes up in drama because of the angles and the light, and the perspective.

In my first try, I started adding color without looking at the original picture and later realized that the light source came from the wrong direction.  Still I had fun working on it.

A re-do of part of the picture, with the light coming from the left. 
Here, I concentrated on the door's perspective.  

Huge transformation from the above picture.  This was the most time consuming and enjoyable part of the illustration, because I wanted to add  the pealing paint as part of the drama, to illustrated abandonment as the storytelling element. To add texture to the painting, I used some of the technique from lesson # 4 about naturalistic brush, tweaked the layers a bit, and also used regular brushes. 

Below, I also added a little bit of dark gradient in the corner of the ceiling and on the floor in front of the door going a bit into the hallway. 

a study from one of Walter Arnold photo/video shot.

The Mason's Castle - Ghost of the American Renaissance

original still shoot from Walter Arnold 

My teacher pointed out the me to look how the angles in the ceiling intercept in the original picture.  Now I see that this room is in one point perspective.  This may be the needed correction.

corrected picture of Abandonment 

Saturday, November 2, 2013


Illustration Friday

This week's word is   Secret


We've all been there, haven't we?

Ferret Madonna, revisited

I have been avoiding getting back to this picture to add fur texture to my characters, which was part of the last stage of this assignment.  I finally took on the challenge, and while I was at it, also worked on the necklace and the the colors 

Here were my processes: 
1. Made my own ferret fur brush (see bellow)
2. Defined her nose and lips using "overlay" layer, and using the doge and the burn tool.
3. Fixed her beads with a " normal" layer and added a "overlay" layer to make them pop
4. Desaturated and warmed up the green on the left sleeve.
5. Warmed up the painting with 2 "overlay" layers of pink, one for the background, the other for the characters.  

this was the original painting that I worked with.

a ferret fur reference 

Here are the steps for how I made may fur brush:
1.  Find a reference, and turn it in B+W in photoshop.
2.  Clicked on the brush icon.
3. On Edit, Clicked on "brush Icon" and gave it a name.
4.  when I moved my stylus, I could see that my brush was ready to be used

5. here is are 2 brush stokes with my new brush.
the first one is just a click of the brush
In the second one, I made a quick outline, selected and filled it with a click of my brush and added eyes.  :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Monster II

This is a continuation of my monster development painting.  If it looks like a comic cover, that's because I've had comics on the brain for the last two months for an other personal project which is not related to this "monster". 

Below, is a progression of how I came up with this "story" 

The story:
A pack of monstrous size birds are praying on unsuspecting bicyclists in beautiful pristine Arizona/ Utah national parks. ;)

I would like to call my monster a griffons, but that means I would have to make it part dog, and I just might do that in the next attempt.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

WIP on Llama Dude

   This is my continued work in progress on Llama Dude. 
Here I've been working on his clothing, so not there yet, but just posting these pictures gives me a better idea of what I'm doing, and were I'd like to go: learning form great artists, but using digital painting techniques. 
O yea, I also added the smoke from his cigar, part of the atmospheric light.  :)

WIP of Llama Dude
digital painting

Man with a Cat by Cecilia Beaux, American Impressionistic painter

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Back to Llama Dude

The Magic Box  is an on-line class that I signed up through Oatley Academy
Lesson 3 advanced Masking and Dimension

I'm anxious to get back to work on Llama Dude.  

It's been a fun but crazy busy summer.  Unfortunately it ended with me having a major sciatic flare-up.  I'm now slowly recovering from  the back & leg pain.  However, it makes it super difficult for me to set at the computer for any period of time, and the  painkillers made it hard for me to focus . Still I'm happy to welcome fall with its promises of  a more scheduled life and less distractions.  I'll just have to add therapy and a better exercise regiment as part of my daily routine.

So back to Llama Dude, this stage of the of the painting was actually done in mid August, and of course,  it's far  from completed. 

I began using the masking  technique along with the lasso tool and keeping in mind the atmospheric light.  It's coming along, sort of, but since this masking is new was new to me, and don't find the steps very intuitive yet.  Needless to say I don't really have a handle on it yet.

Monday, August 5, 2013


The Magic Box  is an on-line class that I sighed up for though Oatley Academy.  

Back to my monster/phoenix picture.  
After receiving constructive criticism from my online Oatley Academy peers, here are the corrections that I made.

I think I'm partial to #3 and  #4  
#4 seems to have a more 3D effect.  
But I kind of like the brightness of #3, the phoenix seems to be in the thick of things. More "drama" maybe?

Friday, July 26, 2013

Mother's New BFF

Illustration Friday

This week's word is ROBOT

Mother's New BFF
Just to lighten things up a bit I decided to whip something for this week's Illustration Friday.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


The Magic Box  is an on-line class that I signed up through Oatley Academy  

Making a monster was our new fun homework for month #3
We were asked to design a monster using only the lasso and the masking tool.  We were also encourage to use brushes and anything else that we have learned and applied since the beginning of the class.
I  used lasso, gradient and masking for everything in the picture except for the artillery fire which were made with the brush tool.

The Red Furry 1

This is my first try, but I thought it fell flat.

The Red Furry 2

Here is my second try, adding more explosion and brighting up the monster.
To much fire ball? to much going on? or OK?

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Llama Dude WIP

Here are my WIP (work in progress) on the Llama Dude.
In the second picture I only use the lasso tool and gradient.  The rectangle on the left will eventually be an open window, and yes, the Dude is holding a cigar.  For the finishing touch I intend to add smoke or rings of smoke maybe? :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Llama Dude

After working on the Ferret Madonna, I realized that I had skip some very important techniques that I'm learning to  use at the Oakley Academy classes.  

I need to familiarize myself with the lasso tool to the point of being comfortable with it, so i've decided to try an other funny animal painting, and not skip any (uncomfortable) steps.

This time I picked the painting Man with a Cat by Cecilia Beaux, an American Impressionistic painter, because it has a lot more painterly effect than the painting that I had picked, Lady with a ermine by  Leonardo Da Vinci, for the Ferret Madonna.

Here are the sketches that I'll be working with.  Some are done in pencil some are digital.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Here are a few new knotties from my Anne's sketchbook static page which is dedicated to my little knotty characters.  Knotties  are the little heroes/sprites that populate two stories that I began writing a year ago.
I'm slowly getting into their character development concept.  
It will be interesting to see where all this takes me, but I'm up for the challenge.