Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Time to say Goodby

A Time to say Goodby
Have you ever felt nostalgic about your childhood summer vacation?  Have you ever felt (just) a little sorry when your children or grandchildren head out back to school in the end of Summer vacation?

 when I was playing with this image, I was thinking of how children might feel about the summer coming to an end, a time to say goodby to great adventures.

It took me back to Summer vacation in Belgium as an 8 year old. My brothers and I spent a lot of time outside, either at kids camp or in my grandparents garden.
The first week of school was always a shock.  Been indoors, waiting for school to be out, felt like an eternity.  My head would automatically turn to the windows and my mind would wonder far far away.

Ever felt that way?  Would I love to hear about it!


                                                        Illustration done with Photoshop and the use of  a mouse