Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Over the years, since I've had my Photoshop software, I've manipulated my own photography and morphed them into an entirely new images that lends themselves to possible illustrations.  I've kept many of these images in a box and on hard-drives, and on occasions, pull them out and try my hand at illustrating.

It wasn't until January that I've decided really give it a go, and make actual illustrations.
Here are the first two attempt:  Pigeon Vole" which doesn't tell a story, but is the name for a toddler's game in French speaking countries, and my second illustration is "The Blue Phoenix".
 As for the stories, I make them up as I go and tell them to my granddaughter.

Both were made in oils and cold wax.

 Pigeon Vole
20 X 16"
Oil and cold wax on canvas

The under painting of "Pigeon Vole"

The Blue Phoenix 
16 X 20"
Oil and cold wax on canvas