Friday, January 13, 2012

Art Studio Spring-cleaning

During the first weekend of January, I began thinking of my artist goals for this year.  I quickly realized that cleaning my studio was my first priority if I wanted a space conducive to creativity.

The following  Monday was D. Day.  "Take no prisoners" was my motto. It took a good part of the day to de-cluttered the space, clear all flat surfaces, clean, and organize my tools; I'm terrible with my oil tubes!
 I re-assign my work stations: oil painting table,  sketching /water media table,  mix media counter, and computer / file counters.  I decided that even though some areas would serve double duty, the intend was to be better organized by each things in its place.

That was 24 days ago.  Since then, we've acquired a new 10 weeks old untrained puppy, to replace our old German shepherd guard dog, Heidi. He's name is Brutus.. So now, if want the studio to stay spotless, not only do I need to break my untidy habits, I must also be extremely diligent, in watching Brutus' every move.

You may think " A clean studio with a new puppy? Now there is a paradox!" I'm afraid I'll have to agree with you.

View of the studio upon entering.

Sketching table, and mix media counter, serving as double duty 

Oil painting area

Mixing paint on glass, easier to clean

Storage area


This mural was painted by my granddaughter at age 5.
It's a reminder for me to have fun while creating.
Hailey and Brutus