Saturday, June 27, 2015

venn Diagram

Venn Diagram for my personal project

SHORT Sketchbook Story 
This is a quick, make a mess kind of exercise, to visualize an idea for a fresh story.  In this case "fresh" meaning original, something that has a heart, something that resonate with most readers.

 Lesson Learned

I debated over and over again whether to post this story or not.  The names have been changed, but the story is true.  We all make horrible mistakes, but, unfortunately, the best lessons are learned the hard way.   
In this simple little story, I  wanted to show how all three characters: The Gypsy girl, the grandmother and Lizette reacted differently at being mortified.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Failure as part of the creative process

I'm not saying that this experiment is a failure, on the contrary, I feel that I gained from understanding when an idea does not work.

 These are examples of the old book and pages that I've created.
My thought was to use these mock pages as background for my comic.

At first I was really excited with this idea, but I now see that it's not working with the art style because the illustrations have a fluid glass look that does not lend itself to the crinkled paper.

However, I can see using this "book" as background for other drawings and possibly turn it into an other project, so it's not all lost.  Besides, trying things out even if it doesn't work is part of the creative process.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Feedback needed.


I'm back to working on my comic, 
 Last October I began experiencing pain do to sciatica problems and had to focused on getting therapy, and avoiding sitting as long as possible.

During that time I thought a lot about my project and how I'd like to add visual interest to the pages  by inserting the pages into a background with text similar to old mediaeval manuscripts, to make the story more magical fairytale like.

This is where I need your feedback.

So now I'm testing out this new format, and I sure could use everyone's opinion.  (Don't worry about the text, they're just nonsense words for now  )

Each pages background would be unique and I like the idea of a of the "ink" look used for the text, but:   
1.)  Does the image work with this page style?  
      what would make it better?

2.)  In your opinion, do you think that a bit of colors should be added to the first letter of the paragraph like in some medieval manuscript?  

3.)  What about small illustrated details on that first letter, does it add or distract?

Should they be related to the illustration?

I imagine posting 2 pages at a time to make it look like an open book.

I'd love to hear from you, any suggestions are very welcome.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

making page 21 of webcomic The Queen Of Knots


Page 21 from my webcomic The Queen of Knots
Time to practice is now

It's been a while since I posted on this blog,  but I'm resolved to post more often.  

This comic, The Queen Of Knots is my passion project, and as I have stated on earlyer post, my very first comic, so I'm learning as I go. 
I started drawing the first pages in late April and tryed posting a page a week since June on but at times I fall behind. 

As I've said, it's a learning experience, so perhaps sharing this page's process will encourage others to start there own comic, so here we go:

For this page I wanted to show the strong contrast between Emma's  fun-loving brothers and her bad mood stemmed from a nightmare in which they a had a part in it.

 So in this is my first layout attempt: I placed Emma squarely  in the middle to show her displeasure.  Also, I use either 3D models from DAZ or fro Manga  as pose references.

For my illustrations I transferred a simple drawing to my ASKetch app and added the textures, shade, and using sketchy lines for the style I'm looking for.

Here I'm still working on the layout.  There are 4-5 individual layers that I could move around until I was satisfied with the layout.  Later I also added background, placing it under my drawing layers.

For backgrounds, I'll use my own photos that I manipulate on photoshop or combining drawings with them such as on page16,  or just draw my background as on page 17 or 5

In my final layout, I decided reduce Emma's importance by placing her to the left, as if she felt outnumbered, and giving the viewer a sense of her self-imposed isolation.  
I also tried contrasting colors: high key playful colors against low key moody colors, to depict the characters state of mind.

Hope this post has inspired you to start your passion project. If you have any questions about this process don't hesitate to ask me.   Remember, we're learning together.  :-)

Friday, August 1, 2014

character sketches

I just added 2 more pages to my comic The Queen of Knots, and now I'm nearing the end of the second chapter.  In the next chapter I'll be introducing Emma's brothers and other members of her clutch, as well as pets and humans.  The pressure is on.  I have to decide once and for all how I really want my next characters to look like; their characteristics, shape of their head and hair so that it will be easy to recognize them by simple shapes.

The first two chapter of the comic I've introduces, Emma, the protagonist.  It begins by establishing her fears, her wants and her concern, and give visual clues as to what type of surrounding Emma favors.
Emma 10 is a very driven knotty who won last year's knotting competition.  Now she feels entitled to keep the coveted crown, and will stop at nothing

 Now, for the new characters

the next two characters are of Jack and Mickey LeBrie, Emma's Younger brothers

Jack 9 is a happy-go-lucky kind of kid, an 'act now, think later' type.  He also thinks that he's Mickey's protector.

Mickey 8 is the quiet, more conscientious one.  He's the voice of reason between the two. 

These next two characters are the twins, Scotty and sophie Savage.
these outdoor knotties make a formidable team, and in this story, they're Emma's perceived menaces.  They love to romp in the country, chasing lizards as large as themselves, and playing tricks on bugs.

Scotty 10 sees life as black and white,  He has a surety about himself, and could be seen as cruel at time.
He's unaware how irritating he is to Emma.

Sophie 10 is a gentler version of Scotty.
She's extremely close to her brother, but is also is (on and off) Emma's best friend.